100% Refundable Deposit

LAVO™ 2021 Launch Edition (L.21)

Available from: June 2021
Australia only
Limited to: Allocation Exhausted
Price: $34,750
Deposit: $250

LAVO™ 2022 Edition (L.22)

Available from: September 2022
Limited to: 5,000
Price: $29,450
Deposit: $100

LAVO™ 2023 Edition (L.23)

Available from: September 2023
Limited to: 10,000
Price: $29,450
Deposit: $50
Pre Order
To reserve your LAVO™ System you will need to pay a refundable deposit to secure your pre-order.

You may cancel your order at anytime if you change your mind.

Additional information is contained within the LAVO™ Reservation Agreement.