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LAVO Hydrogen Battery System

LAVO acts as a solar sponge, integrating with rooftop solar to capture and store renewable energy for use when you need it.

  • Creates Hydrogen from water
  • Stores Hydrogen into LAVO™’s patented metal hydride
  • Generates Electricity by converting hydrogen into power
  • Delivers Power at a regulated voltage to your home
  • Monitors & Controls performance via the LAVO™ app
Tech Specs
Download E-Brochure
  • 1. Fuel Cell
    The fuel cell is used to convert energy stored in the hydrogen back into electrical energy. This electrical energy is released by combining hydrogen from the Hydride Storage Vessels and oxygen from the air to form water.
  • 2. DC-DC Converter
    A power conversion system is used to regulate the electrical output from the hydrogen battery fuel cell. The electrical output from the fuel cell is variable. The DC DC converter regulates this by boosting the voltage from the fuel cell output up to match the voltage expected at the input of the hybrid inverter.
  • 3. Battery
    The LAVO system also includes a small traditional Lithium-ion battery for fast response time. A hybrid energy storage system provides benefits of both storage technologies.
  • 4. Hybrid Inverter
    The hybrid inverter manages the flow of electrical energy between the solar cell array, the LAVO, and the household.
  • 5. Electrolyser
    The electrolyser converts excess electrical energy from the solar system through electrolysis, where the water is split into hydrogen and oxygen. The energy is stored as hydrogen and the oxygen is released into the atmosphere.
  • 6. Water purifier
    The electrolyser requires demineralised water for the electrolysis process. The integrated water purifier treats the incoming tap water, enabling the electrolyser to run using a standard mains water supply.
  • 7. LAVO™ Hydride
    Patented metal alloy that stores and regulates hydrogen at a pressure of 30 barg 100% recyclable the hydride will deliver 20,000 cycles of storage and charge.